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FRANKS GÄSTER presenterar: Richard Feigin/THEMOCRACY

FRANKS GÄSTER presenterar Richard Feigin från THEMOCRACY. Richard besökte oss i en lägenhet på Sveavägen 133 i Stockholm. En cykel-, och designkille som skapat något helt unikt med en passion, mängder av samarbeten och en rosa tidning.


Richard Feigin is a bike guy. A bike and design guy to be right. He is so much a bike guy that he started his own company just to sell those real hand made bikes that he loves so much. That is, a bicycles made by hand, not machine, in bike mecca Milano and Chicago. Richard has created a bicycle centric company for the ride and its rider. ”We strive to feed the required taste and functionality of an urban two wheeled commuter” says Richard.

And he is so much a design guy that he created a special group of people to select the colors for his bikes, he calls them the Themocracy Color Curators. ”Who knows color better than the top creatives of the world. We have teamed up with fashion designers, graphic designers and product designers, from Stockholm and New York, to pick colors for our bikes”. And just recently this fall Richard partnered with renowned Skultuna to create a stylish handlebar end cap in solid brass(!).

Their bicycle range is a collection of producers that makes your heart beat a little extra. The first bike they started selling was the Rossignoli bicycles, a Milano based manufacturer who have made their bicycles by hand since 1900.
THEMOCRACY’s home is Stockholm, Sweden and

Sadel Themocracy Brooks Richard Feigin Themocracy Fantastic Frank

”When creating my brand, I was partly inspired by the classic italian sport newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. This paper was part of creating Giro D´italia back in the early 1900. The distinctive pink colored newspaper is a staple with every espresso every morning around Italy. Also, the color became the color of the leaders jersey in the classic italian bicycle race. For me, when choosing a key color for my brand, this, pale kind of pink became the obvious choice. It conveyes so much of the essence I want my products to be.

A recent collaboration was with Thomas Sandell, one of Sweden’s leading architects. Together with our manufacturer in Milan, we created this subtle beauty. The picture, featuring the architect, was taken by one of swedens most important upcoming photographers, Viktor Fremling. To me, a product picture is not just any photo. It needs to combine so many layers. The object is art, the photo it self needs to be art. And the final product is a hybrid between two creators. In this case, the architect and the photographer.

Another collaboration we do is with House of Dagmar. I want my bikes to be a part of your style and not only a part of your means of transportation. Therefore, the fashion industry helps me create bikes that are contemporary and very much here and now style. I want people to think of their bike, not only as a metal heap, but rather as an extension of his or her individual style.

Apart from bikes we are doing a lot of fashion oriented accessories like cufflinks and trouser straps with Skultuna and Tärnsjö.”

Sandell Richard Feigin Themocracy Richard Feigin Themocracy Fantastic Frank Cykel

Special cuff links with a nice old fashioned bike was the product of a collaboration between Skultuna and Themocracy. Pant strap in leather to keep your pants clean and bar end plug in brass to keep your ride stylish.

Special cuff links with a nice old fashioned bike was the product of a collaboration between Skultuna and Themocracy. Pant strap in leather to keep your pants clean and bar end plug in brass to keep your ride stylish.

Richard Feigin Themocracy Fantastic Frank feigin cyklar sveavägen Richard Feigin Themocracy Fantastic Frank cykel vardagsrum Richard Feigin Themocracy Fantastic Frank cykel hall Richard Feigin Themocracy Fantastic Frank

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