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Rookie of the Year 2013; MES DAMES gästar oss i en våning på Birger Jarlsgatan. Grundare och kläddesignern Lisa Wikander har hunnit öppna upp två butiker i Shanghai, en i Paris och en i Stockholm. Nu besöker hon Fantastic Frank under en av våra plåtningar tillsammans med sina vackra kreationer.

Under rubriken FRANKS GÄSTER presenterar vi människor vi inspireras av – tillsammans med sina saker i en av våra bostäder.

 MES DAMES, Franks Gäster

MES DAMES is a Swedish women’s label with French roots. The company was founded by the designer Lisa Wikander in Paris 2009, and settled down in Stockholm, Sweden, 2013.

MES DAMES - Franks Gäster

Our ambition is to create well-tailored and timeless fashion in exclusive materials, with a feminine silhouette, for women who appreciate good quality. Interesting, characterful women inspire us; be they historical heroines, fictional characters or present role models, each collection has its own muse.

Wearing MES DAMES should make you feel feminine and elegant, yet strong and fearless and inspired to make an impact, just like the muses. Everyone who gets that feeling becomes one of MES DAMES – my women.

For the spring / summer collection 2014, we are proud to welcome Estrid Ericson, the founder of Svenskt Tenn as our muse. Estrid was a female avant-garde entrepreneur with an exquisite sense of aesthetics. Her traveling and collection of beautiful objects, the reinterpretation of historical references, and the constant presence of nature particularly inspire us.

The collection is built up around a pared down silhouette, well tailored in pure materials, with a light and natural touch, spiced up with objets de curiosité.

Images from the photo shoot at Birger Jarlsgatan:

MES DAMES Instagram Fantastic Frank MES DAMES Instagram Fantastic Frank Tallrikar


MES DAMES 2014 Autumn / Winter collection presentation

MES DAMES will create a spellbinding, amazing and alluring fashion show by truly representing everything MES DAMES is about. In order to succeed we need you to be a part of it. Join us here: Funded by me.
MES DAMES is progressing into its next phase and our presentation of our 2014 Autumn / Winter collection at MBFW will be the bright origin of something much larger. We want the show to inspire with its alluring beauty and astonishing composition and also clearly reflect the influence this collections’ muse. She is a muse of great strength, mystery, deity power and hundred year old stories. She will not only be represented in the clothes, but also the venue, music, lightning and everything else surrounding the show. The show will represent her, the impact she made on the world and how she is connected to the previous muses of MES DAMES.

Mer bilder från Birger Jarlsgatan:MES DAMES i köket på Birger Jarlsgatan Fantastic Frank Fastighetsmäkleri MES DAMES i sovrummet Birger Jarlsgatan Fantastic Frank Fastighetsmäkleri MES DAMES i trappan på Birger Jarlsgatan Fantastic Frank Fastighetsmäkleri MES DAMES vid köksbordet Birger Jarlsgatan Fantastic Frank Fastighetsmäkleri MES DAMESMES DAMES på balkongen på Birger Jarlsgatan Fantastic Frank Fastighetsmäkleri

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