Fantastic Frank i panel på Stockholms Möbelmässa 8 feb

Stockholm Furniture Fair är världens största mötesplats för skandinavisk möbel- och ljusdesign, med inredning för såväl hem som offentlig miljö.

Fantastic Frank i panel om framtiden

Stockholm Furniture Fair Fantastic Frank
Stockholm Furniture Fair Fantastic Frank

Lördag 8 februari håller Residences chefredaktör Hanna Nova beatrice i en panel om fotografiets roll;

“What role does a photograph play in launching a new piece of furniture? How important is the stylist creating the images, and the blogger spreading them on the internet? In a culture obsessed by images, designers no longer set the bar – but rather the people creating the images.

Moderator: Hanna Nova Beatrice, editor-in-chief, Residence
On the panel: Costas Voyatzis, founder Yatzer, Nathan Williams, founder Kinfolk Magazine, Emma Persson Lagerberg, stylist and writer, Tomas Backman, founder
Fantastic Frank.
In cooperation with Residence magazine

Tomas Backman Fantastic Frank-Future-Policymakers-Design-Talks
Tomas Backman Fantastic Frank-Future-Policymakers-Design-Talks

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