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Love At First Sight – Design event på Fantastic Frank

I samband med årets möbelmässa har vi på Fantastic Frank satt ihop ett koncept där vi presenterar några utvalda svenska designer, nya och mer etablerade, i form av en stylad hem-miljö i vårt showroom på Norr Mälarstrand. Tanken var att visa hur vi väljer ut olika designobjekt och ger dem en kontext i våra stylings. Våra samarbetspartner för eventet med namnet Love at First Sight är: Dirty Linen, Ready-Made, Källemo, Nina Kullberg & Massproductions. Vi kommer även att visa en fotoutställning med utvalda fotografer i samarbete med Arrivals.

In connection with the yearly furniture fair in Stockholm, we at Fantastic Frank have put together a new concept where we present a selection of Swedish interior designer, new and more established, in a styled home-like atmosphere at our showroom in Stockholm. The idea is to select design objects and give them a context through our way of including them into stylings. Our collaboration partners for this event with the name Love at First Sight are: Dirty Linen, Ready-Made, Källemo, Nina Kullberg & Massproductions. We will also show a photography exhibition with handpicked photographers in collaboration with Arrivals.

More info about the exhibitors below: 

Dirty Linen

Dirty Linen was founded as we ourselves felt we were missing interesting brands and products for the bedroom. We perceived the existing offer to be very limited, alike and compliant and felt that there is interest and room for a new brand with a completely different profile and design of products.

Dirty Linen stands for “impeccably decadent” and we believe that the bedroom and the bed is a much too exciting place to be made with boring and uninspiring bed linen. We offer something new, different and attractive and are a messier, creased and sexy alternative to conventional bed linen.

Our products are clearly inspired by fashion and lifestye which is manifested in the exciting details we have added; unique textiles, naughty embroideries, prints, special buttons, contrasting seems etc. We believe it is imporant that the products in the collection can be mixed with each other in order to create a personal, new and unique expression in the bedroom.



Ready-made is a new Stockholm-based design brand with an ambition to look at nordic design from a different angle. “What would happen if Scandinavian Design went through a midlife crisis, if it would stumble and lose it’s cool for a moment?”

Our first collection is an attempt to answer this. We blend traditional materials with something less expected and let polished and raw surfaces live side by side. Last but not least we park symmetry in the middle of a busy intersection and let it get hit in the side. Hard!



Massproductions is a Stockholm based furniture company, run by experienced designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck. Massproductions develop high quality, tactile furniture in a modernist spirit.

Englishman Chris Martin and Swede Magnus Elebäck met in 1999 and have since worked side by side as consultants for the furniture industry. With their accumulated knowledge from these years, they took the next step and in 2009 launched their own furniture company, Massproductions.

Under the Massproductions brand they now produce and market their own collections of furniture using a new and simple method for developing products. By taking away the filters normally associated with a producer, they can make products that would otherwise get stuck somewhere in the development process.

“Our knowledge and passion is in mass production, hence the name. Our goal is to use industrial processes to create furniture which people can get excited about, something that gives them pride of ownership. You can do that with a handcrafted piece, but for us the satisfaction comes from achieving it with an industrially produced article”, say Chris Martin.

The philosophy behind Massproductions is to harness the benefits, values and quality of volume production. We believe that responsible and rational mass production benefits the consumer, the factory worker and everyone in between.

With a dignified simplicity we aim to create products that are tactile, considered and modernist in spirit.



What is quality? Furniture is a concept, with a will of its own, conveying an expression. It is no doubt difficult to choose when clever operators with glossy catalogues tell you about the most recent trends. You do not have to be particularly intelligent to realize that the latest is succeeded by something else in the next catalogue. Our ambition is to work with designers and artists who are aware of what quality stands for-accomplishment unaffected by trends. On reflection, it is obvious that quality is just not measured in term of such things as strength of glued joints, etc. The measurable aspect is quantity, whereas quality is a broader concept and can not be measured in the traditional sense. The most important aspect is the visual quality. Good quality means long-term validity.


Nina Kullberg

Nina Kullberg Ltd is a London-based interior design brand, with the vision of making contemporary homes more interesting and personal. Nina Kullberg’s debut cushion collection draws inspiration from his- torical ornaments and structures found in her hometown of London. The Designer has taken iconic landmarks, building entrances, balconies and tapestry, identified the signature pattern and offered a personalised twist to the dimensions. Her first collection pays tribute to the world of art deco.

With ten patterns including Fret, Chevron, Ogee and Trellis and 11 colourways, each cushion is hand printed in Istanbul by schablone on 100 percent linen. This design process allows each piece to have subtle differences, a characteristic that Kullberg deems essential when creating handmade products from natural materials.


Art by Arrivals

Arrivals is a webshop for the works of young artists and part of the network Young Art. Arrivals sells signed prints and photographs in limited editions, made by Swedens future art talents. The works are never printed in a bigger edition than 50. Arrivals was started to make qualitative art available for everyone. It is supposed to be easy and fun to buy art, we think!


Julia Nordlander (*1984) graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography. In her artistic work she tries to reproduce feelings and conditions by focus- ing on forms and patterns alone. In her two works “Black Swan” and “Mothermilk” Julia goes deeper into the subconscious, to look for a truth. She believes that we are all carrying unconscious wishes and truths, that we can only show in our dreams and fantasies.

Erik Rosmans serie “Added lines” deals with chaos in the structured and irregular. Erik programs a serie of movement patterns into the ir- regularity. For every point on the paper, there is a line that has been drawn irregularily – but together they create a regular and almost a woven pattern.

Hanna Antonsson (*1991) shows a photography series at Arrivals. The photographs, that almost look like 3D-illustrations are partly a word game, partly a visual game where Hanna wants to get the observer to create a story for him-/herself, based on the objects on the photograph. Part of the objects in ”Various items to hurt people with” can feel like self-evident weapon, other objects communicate a certain nostalgic feeling or memory that can bring hurtful associations to the viewer – depending on which story he/she creates for him/herself. You can find all works at



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