Selected Interiors #04

This weeks finest interior design photographs.

Götgatan 114

Fotograf: Osman Tahir. Inredningsstylist: Linnéa Salmén.

Götgatan Södermalm bread kitchen concrete Fantastic Frank

Götgatan Södermalm details marble black Fantastic Frank

Götgatan Södermalm linnen blue bedroom pink window Fantastic Frank

Götgatan Södermalm work space leather marble grey books Fantastic Frank

Götgatan Södermalm bathroom bath grey white soap Fantastic Frank

Götgatan 114

Fotograf: Mikael Axelsson. Inredningsstylist: Åsa Copparstad.

Götgatan Södermalm details hand black Fantastic Frank Götgatan Södermalm Kitchen livingroom grey brass bistro eucalyptus Fantastic Frank

Katarina Bangata 62

Fotograf: Mikael Axelsson. Inredningsstylist: Emma Wallmén.

Katarina Bangata Södermalm kitchen details grey paper pinnstol Fantastic Frank Katarina Bangata Södermalm teak tilda swanton prints brown white Fantastic Frank

Kristinehovsgatan 5 A

Fotograf: Anna Malmberg. Inredningsstylist: Josefin De Laval.

Prints brass Anna Malmberg Josefine delaval Kristinehovsgatan Södermalm Fantastic Frank Anna Malmberg Josefine delavall Kristinehovsgatan gold Anna Malmberg Josefine delavall Kristinehovsgatan window Kristinehovsgatan Södermalm brass flowers green fingers balcony Fantastic Frank

Heleneborgsgatan 27 A

Fotograf: Emily Laye. Inredningsstylist: Linnéa Salmén.

Heleneborgsgatan kitchen details tulips brass pink Fantastic Frank Heleneborgsgatan Södermalm kitchen pink strinning balcony Fantastic Frank

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