In interiors as in life… contrasts and balance.

The keys for striking and customized interiors.

Dipping myself into interior books, magazines, blogs is one of my favorite activities. I could go on for days, completely trapped in those amazing pictures. 

Likely this happens to many interior design lovers, but have you ever thought about which are the striking spaces, the memorable shots, the ones that steal your heart, mind, breath?

Interior design should not just surprise or astonish people. It should create a sense of style within a place. It should be a conversation between colors, materials, textures, geometry and, obviously, lighting, furniture and accessories.

And when all these elements fit together… that’s WOW!

When I start designing a place the key element is always contrast.

Having in mind the whole, I’m always looking for theunexpected detail, the vintage piece, the unusual fabric, plant or finishing. Things that create distinctness, that differ from the common, that makes the difference but in harmony with the entire atmosphere.

So.. as in life, contrasts and balance are always the two fundamental principles, the key is to use them correctly ;)

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