To keep the soul of a home

I think that most of us are attracted by older houses, but when it comes to renovate them, many choose the easy way out and modernizes them completely. To preserve the original features takes a good eye to know what to keep and what to do with them, but mostly it’s about having patience and respect for the past.

Last year I shot a beautiful project here on Mallorca, that made me reflect over the beauty of the history. It was a big renovation but it was done without loosing the character of the original building. And not least from an environmental perspective, how much interior details that just needs a little tender love and care to become a masterpiece.

Project made by Durietz Design and if you want to see more about the house, click here.

Old floors were kept and the ceiling paintings restored.
All windows were carefully taken care of. With a new color they were up to date.
The water tap from the old kitchen was kept in what became the new dining.
Perfect imperfections. The old floors just gives an authentic look to it all.
A modern bathroom with the wooden beams visible.
An old cabinet that was left in the house got some new color, and fitted perfectly in!
The staircase turned to contrasting black, to match the original floors.
A beautiful mix of old and new.


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