Picoadventures – a creative spark

When I got down and on to the jetty I couldn’t see the other shore. The closest headland seemed to appear out of nowhere and the light was wonderfully flat. I composed and fired off a few decent shots with my phone.

But it wasn’t until I turned around that the real magic happened. From the jetty, the view of the beach that morning was breathtaking. The trees were completely draped in ice and fog, creating a stunning contrast to the darker forest colours. It was a great shot.

What happened at the lake that foggy morning is what I call a picoadventure. A short moment where I get a creative boost which help me generate new ideas for future projects.

I’ve noticed that these moments are most likely to happen when I’m walking the dog, while travelling or when I’m exploring the surroundings of our country house. The photograph from Schiphol airport was taken when I was waiting to board a plane back to Stockholm. I had some time to kill and ventured out in a seemingly deserted part of the terminal. As I looked out I noticed these perfect lines and when the tail of an airplane suddenly passed by, I knew I had a picture.

One of my favourite moments was a summer evening when I was swimming alone in a lake and it started to rain. The heavy rain drops splashed hard against the surface creating a beautiful pattern. Everything was so calm and lively at the same time. I relive that moment through all my senses whenever I’m looking at that picture.

As a full-time photographer, I constantly need to refuel my brain with inspiration. And if you allow yourself to take a short break you will notice that a small adventure is very likely to be a lot closer than you think.

Author: Mikael Lundblad

Mikael is a freelance photographer specializing in interiors, architecture and portraits. He shoots both editorial and commercial work. With a background in paleontology and an obsessive interest in discovering new music, he has a broad spectrum to draw inspiration from in his artistic work. He is passionately in love with natural light, modernism and beautiful books.

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