Architectural inspiration

I know when you go to a museum, you should focus on the art. But for me, the architecture of the Joan Miró Museum is something really special. I love the rough concrete surfaces, and how the light is entering the building.

The museum is made up by three individual buildings; the studio where Miró started to work in 1956, and a late 18th century Mallorcan house that the artist used as a second painting and sculpture studio. And these buildings are just in the way the artist left them. The feeling is that he just went out for a little while.


But it is the third building that my heart beats a bit extra for, It is called the Moneo Building, and is the headquarter of the foundation. It opened in 1992 and is designed by the well-known architect Rafael Moneo.


miro_0L5A8215miro_0L5A8207Moneo’s building provides the Fundació Miró Mallorca with exhibition space, a library, an auditorium, offices, a shop and café.

If you want to find out more; check out their homepage

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