It was a great honor for me to photograph an Italian design of the “Vernice Italiana” levels, a rare and unique occasion. Everything started from a group project in which my specific work was commissioned by Granger Press, a strategic design agency that carries out services for small and medium-sized enterprises, applying their own multidisciplinary vision.

Among the objectives of the project, there was the intention to spread products such as those of Vernice Italiana on the Chinese market, therefore an adequate representation of the very particular pieces of design was useful, for which I was strongly helped by my colleague Agos Zwiener who is in charge of set design.

Italian creativity, beauty, taste, irony, a unique fusion between art and design, it was as if every single object in the collection came from different eras and stories, from care and attention to detail. Original works of art and practical functional objects, mix in the exclusive design color and beauty, giving the typical mark of Italian creativity to furnishing and design and to the future home that will have the honor of hosting objects that seem enchanted.

Author: vitocorvasce

Vito is a part of the European creative team at Fantastic Frank Real Estate. He was from an early stage passionate about the world of photography which made him to leave his hometown for Milan. Since, he´s been working for the italian magazines Progetti and Archifood and has made several editorial projects, from architecture and design to food and travel. He says he is a storyteller and a passionate lover of the world around him – his images feel simple and natural and they make one to stop. Vito has a clear language which breathes pure architecture and modernism.

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