Interior Design – details do matter!

If the things we use every day have great materials and design and are fun to use as well we come closer to „simple living“.

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If the things we use every day have great materials and design and are fun to use as well we come closer to „simple living“.

We no longer need a lot of deco-objects as the functional things are already pretty and we can live more beautifully with less clutter. To achieve this approach every detail of a room is important to me – even sockets and light switches.

What makes an apartment look beautiful?

Which aspects of interior design is especially important to you? Which details do you care about when you want to take wonderful photos of rooms? These questions I get asked quite a lot on events, workshops or even by friends who want to renovate and upgrade their apartment. And for me it is always clear: the basic features of a room are at least as important as the furniture.

Imagine an apartment in an old building: the wall has a great texture and color for example and there`s wooden herringbone flooring with lots of patina and natural light is flooding the room through these old and huge windows… You just have to place a sofa there and it already looks stunning! Newly built apartmens however mostly do not have that „natural beauty“ at all but there is still a lot you can do to be satisfied with it`s “basic features”. For example: Get rid of all the ugly white plastic sockets and light switches. Often they have an awful quality and look and are affixed in rows of 3 or 5 sockets in every corner of a room. Too much for my taste!

Upgrade the basic features of your home

In my own apartment I therefore started to close several sockets. I you do so as well you have to make sure that current flow doesn`t continue and might get an electrician to close the sockets professionally, otherwise it can get dangerous! I then changed the old ugly sockets and switches to absolutely beautiful ones made of porcelain and bakelite that are available in the great stores of Manufactum.

For our living room and bedrooms I chose the light ones made of porcelain. The material is great and the subtle color fits in everywhere. Plus: I enjoy every turn on the rotary switch like a little child! The dark switches and sockets made of bakelite were perfect for our kitchen as we have black metal details on the shelves.

Of course in your home it can be something totally different that you`d like to change. Go for it and don`t hesitate. The effort is totally worth it and the interior on total will profit from these adjustments you make!