/ Who is Frank?

This blog is the home of the interior creatives of Fantastic Frank



We’re a real estate agent in Stockholm, Berlin, Frankfurt, Palma and Langhe/Milan.

We are dedicated to homes full of character. Our mission; to coax a property’s potential glamour out of every dull corner, giving every inch of our portfolio a high-end makeover.

Welcome to visit us on www.fantasticfrank.com

Reach us on e-mail at info@fantasticfrank.com

2 comments on “/ Who is Frank?

  1. Aurélien A/A atelier design

    Hi there, a short mail from France just to told you that a few weeks ago I’ve discovered your real estate agency and your new mindblowing concept.

    I’m working for a real estate agency and since a few months i’m thinking to start my business in design/home staging and decoration, thanks to you I’m now thinking on how I can adapt your idea.

    I was wondering how you’re actually working. Did you own the furnitures or rent them for the photoshoot ? Did you hire a photograph or are you enough experimented in this area to do all the stuff by yourself ? Are the customers receptive to your concept ?

    I hope that all those questions won’t bother you.

    Have a nice evening,

    Best regards from France.


    • Hej!
      Nu har jag gått igenom alla vackra bilder och du har sinne för skönhet. En konstnärlig talang som även min man försöker skapa i vårt hem.
      Mvh Anette

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