A hotel that comes from pure chance, from research that becomes a vocation, brings in its environments the traces of a journey along a life, to the constant discovery of the new around the world. The Yard Suite Hotel is an original story that lends its narrations to travelers seeking excellence in a hotel in Milan.

Photographing trunks and hatboxes, I am struck by how they tell of ancient explorers, lovers of the world and its varieties, including double and single beds, attention to detail is a must in a place where refinement is the master of the house and excellence l goal constantly pursued.

Details and originality that do not go unnoticed by my eye when it rests on rooms and tapestries, high quality furnishings and incredible objects that seem to be recalled directly from a past of the early twentieth century. The atmosphere is romantic, of a romanticism made up of warm herbal teas and sweet readings, when to pause in certain environments gives the impression that in that precise moment you can receive everything you need, then just those are the corners of the world in which it will be glad to stay and very painful to leave.

Author: vitocorvasce

Vito is a part of the European creative team at Fantastic Frank Real Estate. He was from an early stage passionate about the world of photography which made him to leave his hometown for Milan. Since, he´s been working for the italian magazines Progetti and Archifood and has made several editorial projects, from architecture and design to food and travel. He says he is a storyteller and a passionate lover of the world around him – his images feel simple and natural and they make one to stop. Vito has a clear language which breathes pure architecture and modernism.

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